CYG Webinar Series

CYG Webinar Series

Engaging and inclusive discussions: science diplomacy, building bridges, intergenrational dialogue and the latest in disarmament and non-proliferation

The 2020 CTBTO Youth Group Webinar Series is a project initiated by CTBTO Youth Group members as a means of increasing engagement, capacity building and inclusive strategic dialogue on the CTBT, and the latest developments in disarmament and non-proliferation.

The webinar series further serves to stimulate thought and continued discussion on three strategic core area that help to further the objectives of the group: science diplomacy, building bridges with other youth movements and inter-generational dialogue.

The #CYGWebinar series

We are pleased to announce the launch of #CYGWebinars which will run until the end of 2020. We hope to see you online!

16 July: Building Bridges: making CYG Voices Heard

The webinar will give opportunity to youth and seasoned journalists to voices their views on how they can contribute to building global bridges. It will more specifically discuss the following topics:

  1. Storytelling for change: waking the general public up to the danger of nuclear threat: lessons learnt from the 2018 Hawaii False Missile Alert.
  2. Historical overview: perception of nuclear threats in 1980s and today. New vision, new outreach practice strategies. Ways to engage new comers and get out of silo thinking.
  3. The role of youth in raising awareness and bringing change: best practices. 
  4. Role of journalism in helping realize shared interests: how can a journalist make a real difference?
  5. Learning from the past: examples of successful citizen diplomacy. How can they be applied by the CYG to advocate for the CTBT? What are the analogues today to the initiatives of the past, such as US-Russian citizen spacebridges of the 1980s and citizen exchanges?

Read the event highlight here.

30 July: “Faces of the CTBTO: following your passion”

The webinar will include three speakers with various profiles (non-technical) working for the CTBTO and an HR representative. The speakers will tell their story of why/how they joined the Organization, reflect on their day to day work and give practical tips to CYG members.


12 August: International Day of Youth – joint Vienna Based UN Organizations webinar

The International Youth Day (IYD), marked on 12 August, recognizes the key role that youth play as critical agents of change, mobilizing to advance the Sustainable Development Goals to improve the lives of people and the health of the planet. This year’s theme for IYD 2020 is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”. It seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes, and to draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced. To share and promote best practices of youth engagement and youth-focused policies, Vienna-based Organizations (VBOs) will hold a joint event on 12 August 2020. It will highlight successful youth-focused projects conducted by the organizations, making the youth voices heard.

intl youth day 2020

29 August: International Day against Nuclear Tests Alpbach Forum event

The webinar will be held in partnership with the European Alpbach Forum and feature an interactive high-level discussion on the risks of nuclear testing and importance of the entry into force of the CTBT. A special focus will also be placed on the questions raised by attending CYGs. The event will require special access rights (open exclusively to CYGs) and will be CLOSED TO PUBLIC.


10 September: UN at 75: making youth voices heard

October 24 will mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. A large-scale campaign to define solutions to key global challenges has been launched on the occasion. The campaign aims specifically at engaging people, and especially youth, to share their hopes, wishes and ideas. As part of the UN system, the CTBTO and its youth voices can make an invaluable contribution to these discussions. The webinar will include youth group members making their suggestions as to how to strengthen the UN, and will feature UN Under-Secretary General Fabrizio Hochschild who leads the United Nations' 75th Anniversary campaign.

un 75

October: Online Interactive Table Top Exercise

The online interactive exercise will focus on the “launch phase” of an OSI where the activities are taking place at the CTBTO headquarters. A simulation would take place at the virtual Operations Support Centre and would highlight the linkages between event detection, analysis and political follow up. Participants would be guided by CTBTO experts and would include a series of negotiations and role plays. The roles would include: the Executive Council, Director General, IDC, Inspection Team Leader, State Sought to be Inspected, and Requesting State Party.

Read more about the 2019 Build Up Exercise on the launch phase here.


10 November - Faces of the CTBTO: Verifying the nuclear test ban

The webinar will include four speakers with various technical profiles working for the CTBTO in the International Data Centre and International Monitoring System Divisions. The speakers will tell their story of why/how they joined the Organization, reflect on their day to day work and give practical tips to CYG members. The speakers will provide an in-depth overview of the functioning of the CTBTO IMS and IDC, covering examples such as detection of the DPRK nuclear tests and latest advances in the International Monitoring System.

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