CYG magazine Newsroom

CYG magazine Newsroom

In the spring of 2018, just before the Newsroom’s first birthday, CYG members together with the CTBTO’s Public Information (PI) Section, the CYG Support team and consultants who are journalists or professional communicators produced Newsroom, a 32 page print magazine.

The Newsroom publication project provides an excellent opportunity to publish articles reviewed by professionals but it also serves as a platform for CYG members to get more closely involved with the management and coordination of a publication.

Any CYG member can get involved in the project by responding in a variety of ways:

  • propose a subject you want to follow up in support of the CTBT and submit it to the newsroom editors
  • alternatively, if a theme has been adopted, for example the next edition of Newsroom will focus on communicating science, provide a story idea you’d like to pursue
  • be prepared after this step to begin working with an editor
  • please note, written, audio or video material, should be in English although it does not have to be your first language. 

Remember, the editing process can yield valuable tips and advice to CYG members. But be warned, journalism in all its forms is not easy work.

Production of the next edition of the magazine Newsroom is getting under way. It’s theme, in keeping with the next CTBTO Science and Technology Conference (SnT19) will be – how to communicate science in plain language for non-scientists.

We invite your contributions. 

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