Imagine the possibilities of being able to make yourself heard almost everywhere on the planet.

That’s the potential carrying power of the voice of CTBTO Youth Group members from around the world as they champion the cause to bring the CTBT into universal law and express their anxiety about the threat of nuclear weapons. 

But if you open your mouth - your voice is too low and no one quite understands what you are saying, or at worse doesn’t listen, your efforts will be in vain.

That’s why the newsroom project was set up - to make sure the CYG’s voice gets heard.

It provides basic journalistic skills for communicating more effectively by word, mouth and image and encourages exploring other means of expression.

The project takes its title from the nerve centre of news media organizations, the newsroom, the place where reporters work, stories are assigned, material is edited, and decisions made about what gets published.

CYG newsroom members have produced audio, video and extensive written material that has been published in a range of media, from letters to the editor to magazine articles. They’ve also used dance, performance and art.

At two major CTBTO events CYG members, acting as citizen journalists, produced regular reports for distribution with a range of contributions reflecting the diversity of youth group participants.

Highlights - In the News

The CTBTO provides substantive and logistical support to Youth Group members in their efforts to publish their work within their communities and regions. This section highlights their publications as well as coverage of CYG activities from various media outlets.

*These links to external sources are provided as a convenience for readers. CTBTO is not responsible for their contents. The inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement or approval of its contents by the CTBTO.

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Highlights - Videos

Youth Group members introduce themselves in series of interviews and vlogs to share their motivation for joining the Youth Group and why they feel the work of the CTBTO is important.

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