UN at 75: making youth voices heard


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24 October will mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. A large-scale campaign, UN75, has been launched to define solutions to key global challenges and the public’s priorities for the “world we want to create”.

The UN75 campaign aims specifically at engaging people, and especially youth, to share their hopes, wishes and ideas. It has reached over 50,000 people over the past 8 months.

As part of the UN system, the CTBTO and its 900-member strong Youth Group (CYG) can make an invaluable contribution to these discussions, notably raising awareness about the importance of countering the threats posed by weapons of mass destruction, and putting forward suggestions for managing these threats. It will also serve as a useful briefing about the other global trends, solutions and challenges the global community is facing today, helping overcome silo thinking common to the disarmament sphere.

About the webinar

The webinar will showcase the work done by the UN75 campaign, while also highlighting some best practices adopted by the CYG. The solutions, proposed by the CYG, will feature cooperative solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems and focus on greater involvement of women and youth in global decision making, focusing primarily on capacity building.

It will more specifically discuss the following topics:

  1. What will 2020 be remembered for? Has the world progressed or regressed, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic? And how has it affected global threat perception and proposed actions?
  2. What are the main outcomes of the UN75 campaign? What were the top three global trends identified and how will UN respond to them?
  3. Nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction were identified among the ten global trends mostly to affect our future. What were the solutions proposed by the public?
  4. The UN SG and CTBTO Executive Secretary have repeatedly highlighted the role of youth, stressing importance of not just teaching the youth, but also listening and hearing their voices. How do you think youth can help reinvigorate multilateralism? 


The 1 hour webinar will take place on 10 September, 15:00 Vienna time.


  • Introductory remarks by Lassina Zerbo, CTBTO Executive Secretary  
  • Jarret Fischer, CTBTO Youth Group member, on the importance of youth involvement in shaping the global future, and her CYG experience
  • Moderated discussion with UN Under-Secretary General Fabrizio Hochschild, leading the United Nations' 75th Anniversary campaign
  • Open discussion with participating CTBTO Youth Group members
  • Closing remarks by Lassina Zerbo, CTBTO Executive Secretary  
  • Moderated by Maria Chepurina, CYG Task Force

The UN wants to hear from you!

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