Projects Overview

Projects Overview

It is up to each individual to make the most of his/her CYG membership through active engagement with other members, development of projects and taking initiatives. You can see ongoing projects developed by other CYG members below. Those who seek to launch a new project are encouraged to submit a proposal using this portal. Keep informed, be proactive!

Please ensure you have reviewed the CYG membership guidelines and code of conduct before starting a project.

Criteria for CYG Projects:

  • CYG Projects are aimed at raising the profile of the CTBT and ultimately promote the entry-into-force and universalization of the Treaty;
  • CYG projects can be launched by individual CYG members, groups of CYG members, or CYG members with the support of non-members;
  • If CYG members have questions or concerns about their projects, please contact your Coordinator of the CYG Support Team.

Recent project highlights are shown below. Click here to view more projects and events featuring CYG member participation.