Strengthening relations between Iraq and the world’s National Data Centres

Alan Juarez • 29 June 2017

Image removed.Rana Al-Abboodi is a Seismic Data Analyst at the National Data Centre (NDC) of Iraq. During the 2017 CTBTO Science and Technology Conference (SnT), she is showing her work on the benefits of the CTBT to Iraq, from the establishment of the NDC in Iraq to the donations of the capacity building equipment, and the advantages of NDC data: “I appreciate the support of the CTBT to my country,” she said.

The CTBTO has provided software and training workshops to the Iraq NDC group as it does for all its member countries. Rana analyses seismic data using advanced computer programmes in which she has become a specialist thanks to the training she has received at the CTBTO.

She is enjoying the conference because the Iraq NDC team is exchanging information, learning new methods for data processing, and especially because they are creating new relationships with other NDC around the world, especially in Latin America and Africa “this is so important for the development of our NDC in Iraq”.

CTBTO Youth Group member Alan Juarez,

Vienna, June 29 2017