CTBTO & CYG Mentoring Event


The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) is excited to announce the launch of the CTBTO & CYG Mentoring Program for early-career women in STEM coming from geographical regions which are underrepresented in CTBTO Staff, respectively Latin America and the Caribbean (6,81%); the Middle East and South Asia (9,95%); South-East Asia, the Pacific and the Far East (10,47%).

Challenging stereotypes and breaking down disadvantages in the workplace is a central aspect in women’s economic empowerment. Hence, the CTBTO is strongly committed to contributing to gender equality by creating better chances for women in the organization, especially at the professional and managerial levels.

Taking into consideration the commitments of the CTBTO Executive Secretary Dr. Robert Floyd as part of the International Gender Champions and responding to numerous requests from the CYG members, we are launching this tailored mentoring program for the CYG early-career women in STEM on the margins of CTBT’s Anniversary and the planned Science and Diplomacy Symposium. 

This Mentoring Program will take place virtually from 29 September to 28 November 2022 and it consists of two types of capacity-building elements.: one-on-one mentoring and learning events. Your mentors will be experts working for the CTBTO who would be happy to give your professional guidance and help you strengthen your competencies.  

By fostering intergenerational dialogue, the program seeks to shed light on the challenges women in this field face, highlight the women’ contribution aswell as encourage women to seize the opportunities that CTBTO provides in terms of employment and capacity building.

This event is intended for any interested CYG woman interested to work in the field of STEM and Nuclear Disarmament.





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The CTBTO Youth Group is open to all students and young professionals under 30 who are directing their careers towards global peace and security and who wish to actively promote the CTBT and its verification regime. Follow the link and join the CYG, TODAY: https://lnkd.in/g8yuA3z

Once you have become a CYG member, follow this link to apply for our mentoring program TODAY: https://forms.gle/8P8jsa5nNiyzc7rUA