About the Webinar

Organized by the CTBTO, this on-line event will discuss the CTBT in the context of the forthcoming NPT Review Conference and examine the critical linkages between the two mutually reinforcing treaties. In particular, panellists will exchange ideas on how to promote full implementation of both treaties, thereby strengthening the nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament regime and bringing us closer to the ultimate goal of a world free of nuclear weapons.

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The following questions, among others, will be addressed:

  1. As States Parties prepare for the 10th NPT Review Conference, what is the enduring significance of the historical linkages between the CTBT and the NPT?
  2. How has the CTBT played a role in the NPT Review Process?
  3. In what ways can the full implementation of the CTBT support and strengthen the NPT, and vice-versa?
  4. How should States Parties think about past commitments and action items related to the CTBT? Reaffirm? Revalidate? Update and improve?
  5. What are practical commitments that States Parties can make in this review cycle to strengthen the CTBT and the non-testing norm, as well as support the CTBTO Prep Com as it carries out its work?
  6. How can processes such as the Article XIV Process and the Friends of the CTBT complement and support the NPT Review Process and promote full implementation of both treaties?

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