CYG Newsletter: November 2018

CTBTO Youth Group • 5 December 2018

1. How to Get Involved

2. Communications

  • If you have not received any correspondence from your respective CT member and/or are not receiving any emails from the CTBTO staff regarding events, please make sure your email is correct on the CYG Portal and that messages from [email protected] are not being forwarded to Spam.

    • In addition, please remember to update your current location on the portal if you have moved since registering. This is important for ensuring you are up-to-date with opportunities in your region.

3. Recent Events

  • World Youth Forum, November 3-6, Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt)

  • Amman WMD Forum, November 7-8, Amman (Jordan)

    • CYG members attended and spoke at the annual Amman Security Colloquium organized and sponsored by the Arab Institute for Security Studies (ACSIS); Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP); Government of the Netherlands; Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS); and Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI). The meeting featured a “next generation” track which CYG members should feel welcome to apply to next year.

  • Paris Peace Forum, November 11-13, Paris (France)

    • CTBTO Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo and CYG members were invited to the first meeting of the Paris Peace Forum attended by 70 heads of states, heads of international organizations, government officials and civil society from 105 countries. The opening plenary session of the Forum was addressed by President Emmanuel Macron of France, Chancellor Angela Merkel of the Federal Republic of Germany, and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Speakers said the Paris Peace Forum, a unique and special event, provided a forum to emphasise the prominence of multilateralism as well as international cooperation and dialogue in conquering and sustaining peace for the planet. CYG members “pitched” the group’s efforts to other participants as well as showcased an interactive display that was visited by participants throughout the week.

  • German CTBT-related event, November 27-28, Berlin (Germany)

    • Students and young professionals working on topics related to peace and disarmament convened at the German Foreign Office in Berlin. Together with members of the Youth Group and Ministry officials, they discussed a wide array of issues ranging from the remaining challenges to ratification and how those can be overcome, the CTBT’s potential for solving the North Korea crisis, implications of the INF breakdown, etc. The two days featured presentations on the Youth Group, three different workshops, a “way ahead“ debate and visits to the United States and the Japanese Embassies in Berlin. The event was organised with Youth Group member Louis Reitmann and is part of the German Foreign Office’s increased support of both youth engagement and non-proliferation and disarmament efforts. Youth Group member Maximilian Höll led one of the workshops in which he discussed the intersections between the CTBT and North Korean denuclearisation. Another member, Sebastian Kohnen, gave a presentation on the Treaty. Following the event, a Call for Action, summarising discussion results and highlighting ways for young people to promote the CTBT, will be published soon.

  • International Youth Summit, November 26-December 2, Lahore (Pakistan)

    • The International Youth Summit in Lahore, Pakistan was held from the 26th November - 2 December. More than 150 delegates from all over the world came to Pakistan to share their ideas on the global challenges that we face nowadays. Three CYG members participated in the panel discussion called The Role of The Youth in International Peace and Security, encouraging young leaders to join the CTBTO Youth Group and promote a world free of nuclear tests. The CYG members talked about the emerging nuclear threats in South Asia, the CTBT and how the Youth Group can contribute to the international peace and security by their projects and initiatives.

4. Upcoming Events and Opportunities

  • Israel and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: Challenges and Opportunities in Light of Recent Middle East Developments, December 19, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

    • If you are available to attend this event, please contact the CYG Coordinator for Israel, Baruchi Malewich at [email protected].

  • Pugwash Peace & Disarmament Conference, February 23, London (UK)

  • European Geophyscial Union (EGU) General Assembly, April 7-12, Vienna (Austria)

  • CTBTO Art Competition

    • The CTBTO has launched an art campaign for grade-school students in the lead-up to SnT2019. Students aged 5-17 are encouraged to submit a drawing or painting that fits with one of three themes detailed in the enclosed pamphlet. Selected works will be displayed in an exhibition during SnT2019, and an award ceremony will take place as a side event during the conference. While many of you fall outside this age range, we encourage you to reach out to younger siblings, family members, or friends regarding this opportunity!

  • 2019 CTBT Science and Technology Conference (SnT2019),  June 24-28, Vienna (Austria)

5. Recent Articles Written by (or about) CYG members

6. Additional Articles on CTBT-related Topics