CYG Newsletter: January 2019

CTBTO Youth Group • 4 February 2019

1. How to Get Involved

2. Communications

  • If you have not received any correspondence from your respective CT member and/or are not receiving any emails from the CTBTO staff regarding events, please make sure your email is correct on the CYG Portal ( and that messages from [email protected] are not being forwarded to Spam.
    • In addition, please remember to update your current location on the portal if you have moved since registering. This is important for ensuring you are up-to-date with opportunities in your region.

3. Recent Events

  • Israel and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: Challenges and Opportunities in Light of Recent Middle East Developments, December 19, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

    • Israeli CYG members, together with Tel Aviv University and the NSSC at the university of Haifa, hosted (December 19th) a panel on “Israel and the CTBT: challenges and opportunities in light of recent Middle East developments”. Panel participants were all top experts on the field, including a representatives from the CTBTO and the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission. The discussion included various perspective on the treaty and proved to be open and sincere, and this was the first event of its kind held in Israel in recent years. Video footage of the event and a written summary will be available in the next few months.The conference showed the importance of encouraging a public debate which provided a rare statement on behalf of the IAEC that the Israeli consideration of acceding the CTBT is a matter of timing (when) and not whether to do it or not (if). The CTBTO representative presented the major developments that the organization has made in the past twenty years to increase global security with no concessions or dependency to regional players. Academic experts presented their inputs on the historical and normative context of the CTBT and the modalities it should be promoted in Israel and the region.

4. Upcoming Events and Opportunities

  • Pugwash Peace & Disarmament Conference, February 23, London (UK)
  • European Geophyscial Union (EGU) General Assembly, April 7-12, Vienna (Austria)
  • CTBTO Art Competition
    • The CTBTO has launched an art campaign for grade-school students in the lead-up to SnT2019. Students aged 5-17 are encouraged to submit a drawing or painting that fits with one of three themes detailed in the enclosed pamphlet. Selected works will be displayed in an exhibition during SnT2019, and an award ceremony will take place as a side event during the conference. While many of you fall outside this age range, we encourage you to reach out to younger siblings, family members, or friends regarding this opportunity!
  • 2019 CTBT Science and Technology Conference (SnT2019),  June 24-28, Vienna (Austria)
    • Application deadline for submission of abstracts for oral or poster presentations is 31 January 2019.

5. Recent Articles Written by (or about) CYG members

6. Additional Articles on CTBT-related Topics