We're pleased to share the latest CYG newsletter which showcases the many activities and initiatives conducted by CYG members over the last few months. Many thanks to the new communications coordination team members Tom and Cristopher for publishing this new edition and to all of you for your impressive work and activities!


CYG celebrated its 5th birthday earlier this month. The month of February is dedicated to highlighting and celebrating the collective achievements of CYG members from the last five years.

We'd also like to hear from you - your highlights, reflections and feedback and would really appreciate if you would take a few moments to complete the #CYG5Years questionnaire (CYG members only please).

New members

We'd like to send a warm greeting to new CYG members who have joined CYG in 2021. Welcome!

  • Ekaterina Lapanovich
  • Emilin Mathew
  • Antoine Buffin de Chosal
  • Adeel Manzar
  • Veronika Leitmanova
  • Polina Petriakova
  • Hendric Moabi
  • Fedor Zolotarev
  • Martin Reggi
  • Isabella Goriani
  • Ben Martin
  • Duncan Odori

Here are some tips to help you get started: check out the calendar of upcoming events and register to take part, get started with the CYG Introductory Curriculum and earn a certificate of completion, connect with other members in your region or country or start a group of your own!