Rose Gottemoeller 'Negotiating the New START Treaty' book talk.


The European Leadership Network (ELN) will proudly host Rose Gottemoeller for a discussion on her forthcoming memoir, Negotiating the New START Treaty.

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The event will take place on 13 May, which is the anniversary of when former US President Barack Obama deposited New START for ratification in the US Senate.

Rose is uniquely qualified to write this book, bringing to the task not only many years of high-level experience in creating and enacting US policy on arms control and compliance but also a profound understanding of the broader politico-military context from her time as NATO Deputy Secretary General. 

In conveying the sense of excitement and satisfaction in delivering an innovative arms control instrument for the Euro-Atlantic community and by laying out the lessons Rose and her colleagues learned, this book will serve as an inspiration for the next generation of negotiators, as a road map for them as they learn and practice their trade, and as a blueprint to inform the shaping and ratification of future treaties.

In turn, the book talk will focus on lessons that Rose would like to share with the next generation of arms control thinkers based on her unique experiences in government, especially as the first woman to lead a major nuclear arms negotiation. The discussion will be moderated by ELN Policy Fellow and one of the CYG founding members, Sahil Shah. 

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rose gottemoeller webinar