In 2016, the CTBTO was one of the first international organizations to recognize that youth were largely absent from high-level discussions on issues that affected their future. By launching the CTBTO Youth Group (CYG), the CTBTO placed youth at the forefront of its outreach efforts – creating an initiative led by youth, for youth.

Since then, the CTBTO Youth Group has expanded to become a truly universal youth-led endeavour:

promoting a ban on nuclear testing for a safer and more peaceful world. Our 1000 CYG members come from over 103 countries and share the leadership skills, a desire for a better and safer world, and an interest in working at the intersection of science and diplomacy. These emerging voices are ready to engage in the issues that affect their future and invest their knowledge and energy to amplify the call for a world free of nuclear tests.

This anniversary edition of the CYG Report is an illustration of what the group has achieved over the past five years. It shows its diversity, ambition, and the impact that membership has had on our young experts. The structure of the report follows the main CYG objectives for 2020-2021, which include:

- Building a basis for knowledge transfer to the next generation

- Placing the CTBT on the agenda of the world’s most important nuclear-related events

- Revitalising the discussion around the CTBT

- Raising awareness of the importance of the nuclear test ban on a global level

- Innovation to advance the CTBT’s universalization and entry-into-force

Global CYG membership requires structured coordination, facilitated by our annually appointed CYG Coordination Team. Alongside their fellow CYGs, the CYG Coordination Team members serve as Youth Group ambassadors representing the programme at high-level events and among fellow youth activists.

Their work and dedication have been outstanding. I would especially like to thank the authors of this report, Milana Ozerina (Russia), Ksenia Pirnavskaia (Russia), Anna Stepanova (Ukraine), Yeseul Woo (South Korea), and Necer Edine Ziouani (Algeria).

At the CTBTO Secretariat, the CYG Task Force is a small vibrant team dedicated to youth empowerment. I invite you to reach out to us at [email protected] with your suggestions and to join the CTBTO Youth Group to begin your journey towards disarmament leadership today.


Maria Chepurina

CYG Task Force Coordinator

[email protected]