Article by Angeline Savadogo,

CTBTO Youth Group Member


On Monday June 28, 2021, was held the formal launch of Science and Technology Conference (SNT) 2021 in Vienna, Austria.

The conference was organized by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) and saw the participation of several personalities from the scientific, diplomatic, journalistic and academic fields.

The event was marked by a series of discussions, highlight panels and presentations by various speakers relating to Artificial Intelligence and global security.

On the opening day, one of the key elements was the CTBTO Youth Group involvement through the CYG dialogue with Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo and group members such as Kseniya Pirnavskaya and Cris Cruz. The focus of the panel was mostly about securing a nuclear test-free world for youth and next generations. 

When asked about the youth involvement with the project, the CTBTO Executive Secretary Emeritus Dr Lassina Zerbo affirms that young people must be actors in the building of a brighter future not just for themselves but also as a legacy for the future generations. He reiterated the mission of Youth for CTBTO which he said opens doors for its members by connecting people all over the world.

He later advised that young people should be motivated to join these kinds of international organizations and always seek opportunities and programs dedicated to their cause or area of interest.