(Multilingual) CTBT Tutorial Development Preview

Ryan Gonzalez (CYG Task Force) • 19 February 2021

I'm sharing a preview of the CTBT Tutorial that I am working on modernizing. As an introductory resource, the entire tutorial may be completed in approximately 1 hour.

I am also working on implementing a built-in language picker within the module. For now I only have Spanish available as an example, please see the video below.

This is a work in progress which will still take some time to complete but I wanted to share a preview and progress. Once complete, we plan to add the tutorial to the CYG portal as another resource that members could complete. We could also consider offer them a badge (but not a certificate).

You may view the current version of the CTBT Tutorial on the Knowledge and Training Portal here.

I welcome any feedback or comments you may have. Thank you.