Calls for Interest: Science Diplomacy Symposium & Building Bridges Switzerland

Calls for Interest: Participation in Events in 2020

Apply to participate in "Building Bridges" by 7 Feb!

"Building Bridges with other Youth Led Organizations"

In partnership with the Government of Switzerland, CTBTO will host a workshop entitled "Building Bridges, Nurture Partnerships, Embrace Dialogue: A Cross-Domain Dialogue among young professionals towards a more sustainable, peaceful world" which aims to build bridges between the CTBTO Youth Group and other Youth-led Global Movements. The workshop is scheduled for June 2020 (dates to be confirmed) in Geneva. The CTBTO will sponsor 10 CYG members to attend the workshop.

The scope of the workshop is threefold:

  1. to educate Youth movements around the world on the role and work of the CTBTO youth Group;
  2. to forge possible partnerships and cooperation with other Youth movements to promote CTBTO work across multiple domains including environment, development and science;
  3. to identify best practices in promoting Youth activism and Youth participation in global decision making processes.

More extensive description of the event is available here for your consideration.

To be considered for this event you have:

  • At least 2 years of experience in Youth led Initiatives: This might include active participation in CTBTO Youth Group workshops, volunteering for an NGO or a social movement, work as a young blogger or as editor for youth magazines covering issues related to development, international affairs and security;
  • A Bachelor's Degree
  • Command of the English Language

In addition please submit the following documents:

  • A cover letter to articulate why you are interested in participating in the workshop and why you should be considered as an ideal candidate to attend;
  • A short think piece of no more than 800 words that describes your involvement in Youth-led Initiatives and your main take-away from these involvements
  • A brief resume (one page)

You are welcome to submit your application in English or French. DEADLINE FEBRUARY 7 COB.

2020 Science Diplomacy Symposium


APPLICATIONS FOR FUNDING ARE NOW CLOSED. You may still register to participate in person (with no funding support) or online here.

CYG members interested in receiving funding to participate in the 2020 Science Diplomacy Symposium from 30 March - 3 April are requested to submit a short statement of interest which highlights:

  1. Proven record of engagement with CTBTO/CYG activities
  2. Specific interest in the topics of the Symposium
  3. How the experience of participating in the Symposium will be utilized in the current academic or professional position

The statement shall not exceed 800 words and be submitted on the CYG portal no later than 12 January 2020.

Funding will be assigned to secure gender parity and geographical diversity. CYG members who have not attended previous Science Diplomacy Symposiums are HIGHLY encouraged to apply.

A total of 25 funded spots are available.

How to apply:

All CYG members who wish to participate in the Symposium must officially register here. This applies for both CYG members who do not need funding to participate as well as those applying for funding.