Call for 2020 Project Proposals


Call for Proposals for Initiatives in 2020

The call for proposals is open from 15 December 2019 - 14 February 2020.

The current call for proposals for CYG member initiatives in 2020 runs from 15 December 2019 until 14 February 2020.

CYG members are encouraged to submit an idea for a meeting, workshop, event, or innovative use of new technologies that you would like to organize to promote the CTBT.

To be accepted, proposals will have the following information:

  1. Title of the initiative
  2. Scope (what do you hope to achieve?)
  3. Relevance (why would this initiative important to fund?)
  4. Main activities (draft)
  5. Tentative budget (How much would it cost) 

Proposals that meet the following criteria will be given priority:

  1. Proposals that bring together CYG members and young professionals from different countries and regions;
  2. Proposals that capitalize on international events and summits or that encourage CTBTO to collaborate with other organizations. For instance if you know that your region or your country will be hosting a big international event, we would like to encourage you to seize the opportunity and submit a proposal for a CTBTO-CYG event at the timing of the event;
  3. Proposals that are inter-disciplinary in nature. We would like to encourage a deeper dialogue between young scientists and young policy experts so we hope to receive proposals that incorporate both policy and technical discussions;
  4. Projects must be delivered in 2020;
  5. Participating CYG members must successfully complete the Introductory Curriculum.