2020 Project Proposals

Francesa Giovannini • 8 October 2019
in group CYG Coordination Team

Hello Coordination Team!

During the last call, the CYG Task Force presented some proposed guidelines for project proposals. With this set of new guidelines, we aim to further enhance and strengthen the strategic value of CYG projects.

We plan on a call for proposals from 15 December 2019 until the end of February 2020 and the selection of projects by mid-March.

The proposed criteria for projects are the following:

  1. Transregional/regional in nature (India and Africa dialogue provided as example during call)
  2. Interdisciplinary in nature, encouraging science and policy dialogue
  3. Geographically balanced (not just focused on Annex II)
  4. Builds synergies with and builds on international meetings and fora

Are there any other criteria that should be considered? We would really appreciate your feedback on this.

Thank you!