Membership strategy and role of coordinator

Marzhan Nurzhan • 2 October 2019
in group CYG Coordination Team

Dear CT, 

I am interested in gathering your collective opinion as well as sharing from your experiences on membership and role of regional coordinators. 

Since CYG members do not feel much involved and regional coordinators try hard to get their respective members motivated and get engaged more. There is a question on how to make this process mutually beneficial, especially in underrepresented nuclear-free regions such as Africa, LAC and (Central) Asia, where there is lack of opportunities in general for young people and barriers in terms of funding and visa travel arrangements. Introduction of regional quota representation was also suggested during events and conferences. 

Perhaps there is need for training of CT (peer-to-peer CT from ex-CT) or CT guidelines on how to be effective (regional, communications and outreach) coordinator. As for regional coordinators, having tailored in most-spoken regional language PPT that has personal touch in there from coordinator`s experience with CYG and CTBTO. 

Maybe regional coordinators could have sort of plan to reach certain number of newly recruited members or should we aim for quality rather than quantity? Or it could be both used as indicators. 

Moreover, maybe it would make sense to appoint focal point or point of information in each country by launching open call, so that countries feel more represented, involved and their voices heard. 

Please let me know your thoughts.