Recent Highlights, Upcoming Activities and Introducing the CYG Task Force

Recent Highlights, Upcoming Activities and Introducing the CYG Task Force


Hello CYG members! We are writing to provide an update on recent activities in which CYG members have participated in as well as ongoing and upcoming activities and initiatives.

Recent Events with CYG Member Participation

2019 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference, 11-12 March 2019, Washington DC

CYG members attended the Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference, one of the largest nuclear policy conferences in the world. The members were able to participate in the Young Professionals Track, which allowed them to meet and recruit new members to the Youth Group. CYG members were also able to meet and talk to experts in the field about their perspectives on the CTBT. This will be shared in a subsequent blog post.

Participating members supported by CTBTO:

  • Grace Liu
  • Jonah Glick-Unterman
  • Rose Tenyotkina
  • Joseph Rodgers

View the final report here.

Paris Talks: A Conference on the Future of Humanity, 15 March 2019, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

Paris Talks is a conference done in the form of short, powerful, inspiring talks, entertainment and networking opportunities. It is a platform for provocative and disruptive ideas about the future of humanity. The Executive Secretary delivered the keynote address and CYG members actively participated in the discussions and working group sessions.

Participating members:

  • Suzanne Vatov
  • Océane Tranchez
  • Kansai Rigolle

View final reports here.

Updates on initiatives involving CYG members

CTBTxSDG’s Innovation Challenge

CYG members were invited to submit creative and original proposals which investigate the potential linkages between the CTBT and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We were very pleased to receive more than 50 proposals and six were selected to continue into the mentoring and project execution phase in preparation for presentation at the SnT2019 conference in June. These are the finalists:


  1. Layering IMS data and crowdsourcing platforms to improve crisis response and climate change monitoring by Jessica Margolis and Raymond Wang. Mentored by Ronan Le Bras, Software Engineer, International Data Centre Division
  2. Curating hydroacoustic data for assessment and visualization anthropogenic marine impact by Jovita Kar-Ching Ho, mentored by Mario Zampolli, Hydroacoustic Engeineer, International Monitoring System Division
  3. Establishment of a network of political and scientific cooperation between the CTBTO and the Great [Rift] Lake region for sustainable development by Didier Birimwi Ragi Namogo, mentored by Gerard Rambolamanana, Chief, Capacity Building and Training Section, International Data Centre Division
  4. CTBTO for UN 2030: Empowering Diplomacy Through Science in South Asia by Ruhee Neog and Aditi Jha, mentored by Francesca Giovannini, Policy and Strategy Officer, Office of the Executive Secretary
  5. CTBTO Education and Training in the Context of SDG5 (Gender Equality), by Sofya Bukhalina and Maria Zadorozhnaia, mentored by Misrak Fisseha, Training Officer, On-Site Inspection Division
  6. Feasibility assessment for geothermal potential in Las Trincheras region of Venezuela by Keyla Ramirez, mentored by Guillermo Rocco, Geophysical Techniques Officer, On-Site Inspection Division

Please help Sofya and Maria with their CTBTxSDG’s Innovation Challenge project by completing a short survey! Click here!

CYG Magazine Newsroom

Interest in contributing to the second edition of the CYG magazine Newsroom remains active and nine articles are already in the pipeline. Deadline for copy is by the end of April. Late applications will still be considered. Please contact [email protected] should you have any interest in contributing.

Newsroom Project at SnT2019

The selection of CYG candidates who will cover SnT2019 as part of the CYG newsroom project has been made and acceptance letters will be shortly distributed.

Introducing the CYG Task Force

The CTBTO's CYG Task Force is a small but dynamic team which helps to provide overall strategic vision and to facilitate institutional support for CYG driven activities, projects and initiatives.

We believe CYG is an extremely powerful force multiplier and a critical instrument enabling political change that is making great progress toward achieving its objectives: raising awareness, building capacity, revitalizing the discussion innovating and actively participating.


  • Ms Francesca Giovannini, Policy and Strategy Officer, Office of the Executive Secretary
  • Ms Maria Chepurina, External Relations Officer, External Relations and International Cooperation Section
  • Mr Ryan Gonzalez, Outreach and Education Officer, External Relations and International Cooperation Section
  • Mr Marius Jano, Assistant Administrative Officer, Office of the Executive Secretary

Please do not hesitate to be in touch with us ([email protected]) if you have any ideas, questions, or suggestions.

We are grateful to you all for the incredible support and commitment you have consistently given to the CTBTO and its important mandate!