Justin DesRochers

Justin DesRochers • 13 February 2019

I am a senior history undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley, where I maintain an interest in human rights, security issues, and international relations throughout my studies. My writing skills make me a strong candidate for this position. I have written papers in both academic and professional environments and I have attached samples of both to this application.


I wish to write about how architects of the CTBTO’s verification system came up with their plan. Utilizing my skills honed from four years of writing history papers, I would study primary sources for what the architects themselves had to say about the need for verification, what verification ought to look like, and potential changes during the drafting process of the verification regime. Secondary sources would be consulted to examine the effectiveness of the regime as well as the historical circumstances that shaped how the architects contributed to developing a verification framework. Synthesizing the findings from both the primary and secondary sources in a concise analysis, I would flesh out why it is important for the global community to remain cognizant of nuclear proliferation issues.



Writing, Research