Publishing Monthly Reports to CYG Portal

Ryan Gonzalez • 7 February 2019
in group CYG Coordination Team

CYG CT coordinators now have the ability to publish the monthly reports directly on the portal. The accounts of Sahil Shah, Nelson Zhao and Shervin Taheran have been granted a new role called "content manager" that will allow them to publish the monthly reports.

A new administrative menu will appear as shown below and provide an option to Add Content -> Monthly Report.

add monthly report

A form will then appear which allows for the content of the monthly report to be added:

add monthly report

This is the January monthly report being added:

jan monthly report

In order to publish the new monthly report, you must first push the PREVIEW button to review the draft. After you view the draft, a SAVE button will appear which when pressed will publish the report. The published January 2019 monthly report is available here:

The editor allows the back dating of posts, please backdate old posts so that the "Authored On" date matches the actual date of the report.

date authored

All published Monthly Reports will automatically be aggregated and appear on this page:

A new menu item in the "Community" tab called "CT Monthly Updates" has also been added.

ct monthly updates