Welcome 2019 CYG Coordination Team!

Ryan Gonzalez • 31 January 2019
in group CYG Coordination Team

On behalf of the CYG Support Team, we'd like to welcome the new 2019 Coordination Team and to express our appreciation of your commitment and dedication to CYG and to advancing the cause of the CTBT.

About this Group space

Both the incoming and outgoing Coordination Teams have access to this "Group" and only members of both CT's can access and see the group's contents. The following features are enabled on the group to help support and coordinate your collaboration, communications and documentation of ideas, best practices, etc.

  • About: A place to add static text for useful information, hyperlinks, etc. contact a Group Manager to update the text
  • Stream: a more unstructured place to add quick updates, share links, upload an image. Stream supports using the @ symbol to direct a message to someone
  • Events: Add CT specific events such as the bi-weekly CT calls, events of interest, etc.
  • Topics: A more structured area to post discussion topics

You should all now be able to access the CYG membership report ( which is always up to date. The report enables you to download the roster as a PDF, or Excel file and you are also able to download the statistics report as a PDF file. As these reports contain personally identifiable data/personal information, THESE FILES ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND ARE FOR CT EYES ONLY!

We sincerely thank you again for your dedication and commitment and look forward to fruitful work together. Please don't hesitate to contact the CYG support team through the portal or at [email protected] if we can be of any assistance.

Thank you!