Hello dear friends

Kansai Rigolle • 30 December 2018
Introduce Yourself!

Hello dear CYG friends,

I am a French/Japanese currently working as a recruitment consultant for an IT company in Brussels. My studies background are international relations (Soka University of Japan) and clinical psychology (Paris V and Bordeaux university). I am deeply interested in nuclear disarmament since I visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in 2012. I am also a SDG supporter (after I interned at UNIC Tokyo last year) and I do my best to contribute to this agenda in my daily life.

Last November I met some of you at the Paris Peace Forum. It’s this brilliant and hopeful meetup for the world peace that encouraged me to join this organization. I'd like to take this moment to express my huge thanks for the welcome!

I look forward to seeing you guys again next June in Vienna and the other members that I didn’t have the opportunity to meet yet. As I often go to Paris and Tokyo, feel more than welcome to let me know if you are around.

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