By Sarah Bidgood, Sylvia Mishra & Lin (Irene) Yu
CTBTO Youth Group member

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) represents a vital step towards increasing
regional stability and global security. However, the failure of certain Annex 2 countries to ratify the Treaty
has stymied its Entry into Force for twenty years. At the June 2016 CTBT Ministerial Meeting in Vienna,
numerous efforts were undertaken to generate support for the CTBT and to awaken it from its current
stupor. Recent events including North Korea’s fifth nuclear test and launch of sea-based ballistic
missiles affirm the ongoing relevance of the Treaty. Simultaneously, certain positive international developments
such as Israel’s apparent decision to ratify the CTBT in 5 years and reports of Iran’s commitment
to the obligations of the nuclear deal suggest that now is the moment to push for the Treaty’s Entry
into Force.4 This paper reflects on some recent developments of relevance to the CTBT’s future; these
merit the ongoing attention of the CTBTO, the CTBT Youth Group, and the international community.

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