CYG Introductory Curriculum

Say hello to the CYG Introductory Curriculum

Tips for CYG members, CTBT foundational topics, and a badge and certificate of completion!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the CYG Introductory Curriculum!

The curriculum provides CYG members with a centralized and comprehensive resource for making the most of the CYG experience and for learning about important foundational CTBT topics.

  • Do you know when the CTBT opened for signature?
  • The composition of the IMS network including the different verification technologies used?
  • Who can access monitoring data and how are man-made phenomena distinguished from naturally occurring phenomena?
  • How many Executive Council votes are needed for the approval of an On-Site Inspection? (Is it even possible to conduct an On-Site Inspection before the CTBT has entered into force?)
  • Can monitoring data be used for purposes other than nuclear test monitoring?

These are just a small fraction of the topics that are covered in the curriculum. Course sections include:

  1. Tips for Becoming an Active and Effective CYG Member
  2. The History of Nuclear Testing and the CTBT
  3. The International Monitoring System
  4. The International Data Centre
  5. On-Site Inspection
  6. Civil and Scientific Applications of the Verification Regime

The curriculum consists of freshly redesigned e-learning modules (which were generously funded by the European Union), and quizzes to help you assess what you've learned.

Members who successfully complete the curriculum will be awarded a digital badge that will be displayed on the profile as well as a certificate of successful completion.

Don't delay and get started today! Good luck!