Building Bridges, Nurture Partnership, Embrace Dialogue

Building Bridges, Nurture Partnership, Embrace Dialogue

Join us on 3 December for the virtual conference, make your voice heard! #CYGWebinars

About Building Bridges, Nurture Partnership, Embrace Dialogue

In June 2020 we kicked off the #CYGWebinars series with an event co-organized with Atomic Reporters entitled “Sharing nuclear concerns – making yourself heard”.
The event challenged us to think about the significance of the CTBT in the context of the “nuclear narrative” and how best to communicate this message. Key lessons and messages are now being embodied and reinforced by the 2020-2021 strategic priority areas of CYG:

  •  Building links and bridges with other organizations, global movements, and youth programmes;
  •  Intergenerational dialogue;
  •  Dialogue between young scientists and policy makers;
  • Promoting regional dialogue and ensuring greater involvement of underrepresented countries and regions

We need help to put these strategic areas into action. The first step is a virtual dialogue and thought community conference on 3 December 15:00 - 18:30 Vienna time, GMT+2) where CYG members will connect and share ideas and dreams on how to move forward.

Conference facilitators Mette and Sanna have a message for you!

Click here to learn more about the Building Bridges initiative, join the online community and register to participate in the virtual conference on 3 December.

In partnership with the Government of Switzerland, the CTBTO is conducting a project: Building Bridges, Nurture Partnership, Embrace Dialogue with the purpose of connecting CYG to other youth movements focusing on climate and advocating for peace and security.


The virtual dialogue conference on 3 December 2020 aims to build bridges within our own community and share ideas on how to raise the visibility of the CTBT worldwide.

The outcome of the conference will feed back into the strategic work on how to reach out to other youth movements during another virtual event, planned to take place in March 2021.