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About the webinar

"Faces of the CTBTO: Verifying the nuclear test ban" will feature speakers with various technical profiles working for the CTBTO in the International Data Centre, International Monitoring System and On-Site Inspection Divisions.

The speakers will tell their story of why/how they joined the Organization, reflect on their day to day work and give practical tips to CYG members.

The speakers will provide an in-depth overview of the day to day functioning of the verification system, covering examples such as detection of the DPRK nuclear tests, civil and scientific applications and the latest advances in the International Monitoring System and On-Site Inspection.

Panellists include:

  • Gerhard Graham, Programme and Project Coordinator, IDC
  • Vera Miljanovic Tamarit, Head, IDC/Software Applications Section
  • Aled Rowlands, Remote Sensing (MSIR) Officer, OSI
  • Aleksandr Tarasov, Radionuclide Engineering Officer, IMS
  • Mario Zampolli, Hydroacoustic Enginerer, IMS
  • Ryan Gonzalez, CYG Task Force
  • Moderated by: Maria Chepurina, CYG Task Force

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